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What is Licensing SAVI?

Licensing SAVI is a police-backed initiative which works to deter and reduce crime in licensed venues. It seeks to provide safer and more secure venues for customers and local communities.

Licensing SAVI was developed by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI) at the request of the Home Office. A YouGov survey commissioned by Police CPI in September 2021 found that high numbers of people, particularly women, wanted improved safety in bars, pubs, and nightclubs, with up to 50% stating they would be more likely to visit a venue that achieved a police award for safety.

The initiative covers critical issues like responsible drinking, drugs misuse, violent behaviour and safeguarding vulnerable customers, through to preventing opportunist theft and improving physical security, such as lighting and CCTV.

Managers and staff who take part in Licensing SAVI carry out a comprehensive checklist of safety and security features in their venue and receive advice and guidance for improvement. This can include training and policies for staff, and introduction of other police-approved schemes such as ‘Ask for Angela’.

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50% of adults would be more likely to visit a bar if it had a police award for safety