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About Us

About the organisation behind Licensing SAVI

Licensing SAVI has been developed by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI) at the request of the Home Office.

The National Police Chiefs' Council Lead for Crime Prevention said “Police CPI is a police owned organisation that works on behalf of the Police Service to deliver a wide range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives. It has rightly earned its place as an important part of the Police Service and police family. It maintains close working links with the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) National Leads and Committees”.

Police CPI is a not-for-profit police owned organisation, self-funded through our prevention activities. This financial freedom enables Police CPI to be agile and to deliver difficult crime and demand reduction pieces within very short time periods. Police CPI has recently provided such services to Government in several key areas and it is recognised as a trusted and worthy resource. 

Chief Police Officers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are Board Members and control and direct the work Police CPI carries out on behalf of the Police Service.

“The night-time economy can sometimes be a driver for violent crime. This initiative focuses on helping licensees know what is expected of them and enables them to take responsibility for making their premises as safe and secure as they can be for their staff and patrons. It is intended to help remove potential areas of contention between police and licensees giving online access to the advice and guidance that they need.”  

                                                                              Guy Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, Police CPI

About Us

About Us

Mark Morgan, Business Manager

Mark Morgan

Prior to joining Police CPI, Mark completed 30 years as a police officer in both the Metropolitan and Merseyside Police, finishing as the head of response policing for Merseyside.

Throughout his policing career, Mark led many high profile operations and problem solving initiatives to reduce crime & demand, enhance safety and increase efficiency.

Mark previously led the police licensing teams for Liverpool where he instigated numerous work streams to tackle thefts, violence, alcohol related harm, vulnerability and drugs misuse.

He firmly believes in the benefits of effective partnership working, having been the policing representative in the inaugural working party which achieved the ‘Purple Flag award’ for Liverpool, representing a safe and vibrant night time economy; led the implementation of the first ‘Cumulative Impact Policy’ in Liverpool and was a police lead for the comprehensive ‘designing out crime’ partnership initiative in Liverpool City Centre. His work involved visiting other force areas and hosting both U.K. and international guests to discuss good practice within the licensing environment.

Having led pro-active, community, event/security policing having threat and CT considerations, Mark is convinced that Licensing SAVI captures in one place, the wider considerations of legal requirements, design, good working practices, CT considerations, trade initiatives, security and technology attributed to the Licensing Act, and is key to bringing together the benefits for licensed premises to provide a safer and more secure environment for their managers, staff, customers and local communities.

Mark has achieved an honours degree in policing, with dissertations focusing upon partnership work, the licensing trade and associated security.

Ian Shuttleworth, Development Officer

Ian Shuttleworth

Ian served for 10 years in the Royal Navy before completing 24 years’ service as a police officer in Merseyside Police. Ian’s whole police career was spent in uniform roles, the majority of which were proactive teams, tackling violence, anti-social behaviour, gun and gang crime, drugs misuse and alcohol related harm, with years of experience policing the challenges of a vibrant night time economy within Merseyside.

Ian also led a Neighbourhood Policing Team, using effective partnership working and a problem-solving approach to address local issues. He sought to impact upon the lives of the local community, by utilising crime prevention methods, to increase safety and the feeling of safety. With a thriving night time economy, Ian also built good relationships with those licensed venues within his neighbourhood and Liverpool city centre, helping them to become safer venues for both staff and customers, whilst encouraging them to think about the wider community and how their venue impacted upon them.

Since leaving the Police, Ian’s focus is now on using his experience, to help licensed venues to provide a safe and secure place for their staff and customers and to act as a catalyst in bringing together various partners to improve safety, security and vulnerability in licensed premises. He is confident that Licensing SAVI brings together all the elements a venue requires to help them meet the requirements of the responsible authorities, as well as wider Counter Terrorism considerations and initiatives to promote inclusivity and help deal with vulnerability.