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A self assessment tool

for licensed premises

to provide a safer and more secure environment

Saving licence holders time and money by bringing together the guidance, standards and advice that is provided by Police and Local Authority Licensing Officers and other Responsible Authorities.

What is Licensing SAVI?

Licensing Security and Vulnerability Initiative - Licensing SAVI is our confidential self-assessment tool designed to help the owners and operators of licensed premises provide a safer and more secure environment for their managers, staff, customers and local communities. It does this by providing personalised advice and recommendations, many of which will assist you in working closely with Responsible Authorities and comply with the Licensing Act 2003, promoting its four Licensing Objectives:

  • The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • The Prevention of Public Nuisance
  • The Protection of Children from Harm

YouGov research commissioned by Licensing SAVI shows how important safety has become in the hospitality sector today with women and individuals from minority groups among those feeling most vulnerable. Read more...

Why use Licensing SAVI?

For the first time Licensing SAVI brings together information from official sources including Police, Licensing Authorities and the Fire and Rescue Services into one place.

One of the key factors that differentiates Licensing SAVI is that it has been devised and developed by the Police Service via Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI), who work closely with Local Authorities throughout the UK to reduce crime and the fear of crime. As such, Licensing SAVI is uniquely placed to deliver a joined-up and consistent approach to creating safer and more secure licensed premises across England and Wales.

Why use Licensing SAVI?

  • It will provide you with the latest Covid-19 guidance and advice
  • It will provide you with information on effective management practices and operational security as well as some practical examples
  • It will go a long way to demonstrate to the Responsible Authorities your compliance to the Licensing Act 2003 
  • It can form part of your application under the Licensing Act 2003, assist you with future refurbishments and ensure the highest levels of safety and security are achieved
  • It will help you prioritise improvements, build upon areas of existing good practice and further raise your safety and security standards 
  • If you reach the required standard, you will be able to apply for Accreditation and the Licensing SAVI Award which can be used to promote the safety of your business to your customers
  • It will provide you with advice and guidance to enable you to develop a comprehensive staff training package

Licensing SAVI Award

Once you have completed the Licensing SAVI assessment, you will have the opportunity to market this achievement by applying for the Licensing SAVI Award.


This is a star-rated award scheme that will show the public that you run a safe and secure premises.