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How to Get Local Police Advice

Police Advice

How to Get Local Police Advice

Having good physical security measures in place can be just as important to a venue’s safety as having the right management practices in place such as age verification, queue management and effective procedures for ejecting misbehaving customers or calling the emergency services.

Physical security includes specialist equipment like CCTV, lighting, identification scanning systems, good quality safes and alarms. It can also include heavier and more structural products like internal and external doors, windows, shutters and grilles.

A combination of some of these measures will not only assist in protecting the outside of the building but also provide additional security within the premises to protect property and people. For example, robust doors and grilles could help protect cashing handling areas, computer rooms and CCTV monitoring areas.

In addition to Licensing SAVI, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives runs Secured by Design (SBD), which assists the Police Service to improve safety and security of a wide range of private and public buildings to deter and reduce crime in key sectors such as residential, education, health, retail and commercial.

SBD has a long-established and widely recognised Police Preferred Specification standard to ensure security-related products, like doors and windows, and much of the security equipment required by licensed premises, meet the requirements of Police Forces.

Police Preferred Specification means security products are sufficiently robust to resist physical attack by casual and opportunistic criminals. Products that reach this standard are required to be independently tested to a relevant security standard and fully certified by an independent third-party, United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body, or tested and certified by an approved body such as Sold Secure or Thatcham. Certification ensures quality reassurance over time.

SBD works closely with a network of Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs) – police officers or police staff – who work in Police Forces around the UK to ‘design out crime’ in new and refurbished buildings. These DOCOs have been advising Police and Crime Commissioners prepare bids for the Home Office’s ‘Safer Streets Fund’ initiative to reduce crime in hotspot areas.

DOCOs are available to provide relevant and appropriate advice to licensed premises on all types of security related products and equipment to achieve a proportionate level of security to protect their venues. For example, their advice could be sought on main entrances and other exit points as well as considerations like cash handling and CCTV rooms, or the CCTV and lighting systems.

So how do licensees make contact with their local Designing Out Crime Officer? You will find them all listed on the Secured by Design website, under the name of your local Police Force.

Licensing Security & Vulnerability Initiative (Licensing SAVI) is the most comprehensive, single source of information for licensed premises to obtain all the guidance, advice and standards they need to comply with the Licensing Act 2003 and meet the requirements of the ‘Responsible Authorities’, including Police and Council Licensing Teams.

It seeks to help licensees promote the four Licensing Objectives: Prevention of Public Nuisance, Prevention of Crime and Disorder, Protection of Children from Harm, and Public Safety and deliver safer and more secure venues every year for the benefit of managers, staff, customers and local communities.

Available as an on-line self-assessment, it means that for the first time ever, licensees in England and Wales have consistent information about operational security and management practices.

You can undertake the Licensing SAVI self-assessment by clicking the button below: